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DVD oct 06, "Vuelva a intentarlo". El Felino Jaguar Lives! Blue Iguana [Edizione: Stati Uniti] [Italia]. EUR 30, Mi Amigo Mac: Detalles del producto Actores: John Lafia Audio: Compra verificada. I'm a Sam Rockwell fan; he's good in this one and the supporting cast is very good also.

Películas el más parecidas a Dancing at the Blue Iguana

A very good ensemble. Great story, writing, and acting. Very entertaining and darkly funny. Note that this is not a remake of the original "Blue Iguana" movie which is also a great movie. I think I was one of the few people to actually see The Blue Iguana back when it was originally released to theaters and for the life of me I can't remember what motivated my friends and myself to choose this film over any number of theatrically released features playing at the same time. In any case, I'm glad I saw it way back when because it's always stuck in the back of my mind, enough so for me to pick it up on DVD.

The dough, it seems, is in a heavily fortified bank run by a woman named Cora Harper , who specializes in laundering money garnered from illicit activities, and is scheduled to be moved due to the fact that the leading of the local smuggling ring, a real psychotic named Reno Russo is planning on taking control of the entire town, including the bank. Along the way Vince gains some partners, specifically in an orphan named Yano, who seems to have access to everything including some heavy duty ordinance, and Dakota, who threatens to spills the beans about Vince's plan is she doesn't get a cut she wants to get out of town while the getting is good.

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Vince eventually gets access to the money, after pitting various sides against each other, but that was the easy part While I found the movie, which was shot on location in Mexico, entertaining it comes off like a seriously toned down David Lynch film i. None of the performances particularly stood out as stellar, and McDermott, while doing a decent enough job, seemed an ill fit for the role, slightly unsure of himself at times this was the first time, I believe, he had the exclusive lead in a film.

Actually, I think Dean Stockwell, who had a relatively minor part, might have been a better choice for McDermott's role, but then that's just my opinion.


I thought Pamela Gidley did well in her part, as she seemed straight out of a film from the s in terms of her appearance and mannerisms. As far as Russo, I can't begin to count the number of times I've seen him play the psychotic villain bit.

As I said there are a comedic undertone throughout, but nothing that caused me to break out in laughter, except maybe for the scene when Flea, who played one of Reno's henchmen, is dancing spastically in the bar and someone turns off the tunes much to his indignation. The element I think I found most interesting, besides authentic location shots, was the eclectic assortment of songs used to score the movie, including works by James Brown, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, L.

All in all the film does have its faults, but in the end it is fun, worth a rental at least, if you're interested in something slightly different. The picture, presented in widescreen 1. As far as extras there's really nothing available except for English subtitles.

The Blue Iguana

Cookieman One last thing, as far as Yano Anaya and his character, natty, poorly beaded cornrows is not, never was, and never will be a good look for a Caucasian person. Inicio de la tienda. Juegos Juegos. Software Software. Centro de software. Hardware Hardware. Punto de encuentro. At the Blue Iguana, LA's most notorious strip club, the lives of five exotic dancers converge, clash and ultimately bond over the course of one week.

The Blue Iguana () - FilmAffinity

This glimpse into the oft-misunderstood world of the strip club bares each girl inside and out, both onstage and off, providing an insight to the story behind the dance. Reseñas generales:. Etiquetas populares para este producto:. Iniciar sesión o Abrir en Steam. Dancing at the Blue Iguana Producción: Ver historial de actualizaciones Leer noticias relacionadas Ver discusiones Buscar grupos de la comunidad.

Compartir Insertar. Acerca de este video At the Blue Iguana, LA's most notorious strip club, the lives of five exotic dancers converge, clash and ultimately bond over the course of one week. Elenco y equipo Dirección. Michael Radford.

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